Statement of Faith

  • XVII. Of the New Birth

    We believe that an integral and necessary part of eternal salvation is the new birth in Christ. This work of God is not by coercion, but upon a person’s voluntary […]

  • XIX. Of the Righteous and the Wicked

    We believe that the true distinction and difference between the righteous and the wicked exists in the soul of the individual. The determining factor between those who are righteous and […]

  • XXV. Of the Grace Of Giving

    We believe that tithes and offerings are ordained of God for the provision of the ministry and spread of the gospel. The giving of tithes and offerings is not, nor […]

  • VII. Of the Creation

    We believe in the Genesis account of the creation of the physical universe; that it is to be accepted as factually and literally true: That all things which are, were […]

  • I. Of the Scriptures, or the Holy Bible

    We believe the Holy Bible was written by men who were supernaturally inspired. The Scriptures are the truth without any admixture of error for their matter. They are, and shall […]